Social Media Report

19 Apr

My topic blog – La Flama Blanca en America – has always been somewhat narrowly tailored, so marketing it was going to be a challenge. It focuses on my original analysis of the teams of Major League Baseball and their chances to land fictional ballplayer Kenny Powers. Fortunately I have lots of friends who like baseball and/or “Eastbound & Down.”

My strategy was focused on Facebook and Twitter, the two largest social media outlets. I took a scattershot approach, experimenting with different times to get the most views for my posts. WordPress’s sharing feature was key here; every time I finished a post I went to the bottom and tweeted it, then I posted it to my Facebook profile.

Twitter didn’t have as much of an impact as I expected, with minimal view increases. (Obviously I need more followers!) Facebook, on the other hand, gave me view count leaps in the tens and twenties. I was even able to promote discussion of at least one baseball division in the comment section. I also got a couple of spam comments; I took this as a sign that my site was getting out among the greater Internet.

I also found that the timing of the shared posts was key. To maximize the posts’ positions in my friends’ news feeds, I tried to share the posts in the mornings or late afternoons; I had discovered that this was when people were most active on Facebook.

An examination of my view history was somewhat interesting. I’ve amassed nearly 250 page views this semester:

The U.S. leads the pack with nearly 200 of those views, but I was a bit stumped as to why Germany is in second place. (I concluded that I just lucked out with more automated WordPress bots coming onto my page from Germany.)


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