Week 5 – Story Ideas

15 Feb

Journalism continues to change and evolve. As it does, so do the ways in which journalists get their stories. Nothing is more important in the new age than the Internet. The ease of the Web lets newshounds switch from hard to soft news with a click.

Idea #1: Syrian Student Reactions

Syria continues its bombing campaign of Homs in an attempt to quell its rebellion. It would be good to get a local reaction on this story because it’s so far away. Talk to professors of Arabic Studies and Arab-American students about what’s going on, whether they know anyone who is still in the country, etc. If the paper can find someone locally with family who they haven’t been able to contact, consider getting a picture or two from inside their house for online. Also consider reading the updates from the U.S. Embassy to get familiar.

Idea #2: The Strange Case of Jeremy Lin

Lin, the star basketball player for the New York Knicks, seemingly came out of nowhere to take the sports world by storm – his latest accomplishment was a game-winning shot on Tuesday. Reactions to his success show some parallels with Tim Tebow’s rise in popularity. Talk to Gator athletics and the College of H&HP about the reactions different athletes have to beg-league pressure. Consider a graphic comparing various famous players from smaller schools (ex. Marques Colston of the New Orleans Saints, who went to Hofstra) who have also had success.


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