Week 2 – Blogging

25 Jan

The Blogging Edge

This is the Argo Project homepage. It’s heavily discussed in this post.

I think the point the articles make (reflected most heavily in the Technorati article, which compares the definitions of “blog” on various blogging sites) is that blogging as a medium has become something bigger than just a personal journal. Bloggers now have the tools and technology to educate themselves on things they want to write about them, and then they can write about them even quicker than ever before. This has naturally led to a large overlap between blogging and mainstream journalism; bloggers find themselves able to access more resources in the public domain, while many news sites incorporate blogging as an additional form of reporting.

The Argo Project was part of the latter category, an effort by National Public Radio to better connect its major stations with their listeners and each other. One thing I was impressed with was how well the project was able to integrate itself with its parent stations. Several reported record growth centered around their blogs, as noted in Part 1 of the NPR recap. This shows that blogging is an excellent way to get people to connect with other forms of media.

A major reason the project did so well was its visionary coordinator, Matt Thompson. In his MediaShift writeup of Argo, he touched on the ever-shifting blogosphere, citing how things like the sidebars have come and gone in the scant two years since Argo was started. This represents the gist of blogging today: being on the cutting edge, not just in the form of the news but on the news itself.


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